Vue.JS Online Interview Questions and Answers

Vue JS Interview Questions and Answers

Q. What is Vue.JS..????

Answer: That,s a JavaScript script used to develop Dynamic UI(User Interface). Vue.JS is easy as compared to other languages and frameworks to learn. For using Vue.JS for a dynamic User interface you just need to install the Vue.JS library in your application.

Q. Vue.JS is Progressive framework.Why..???

Answer:  The mean reason is calling to Vue.JS framework progressive, it is being changed continually.

Q. Who is the inventor of Vue.JS…???

  • Evan you
  • Misko Hevery
  • Both of above
  • None of above

Evan you

Q.  Write down the some feature of Vue.JS..???


  • Components
  • Routing
  • Templets
  • Reactivity
  • Transition’s

Q.  Write down the of creating an instance of Vue.JS..???


The simple way to create an instance of Vue.JS with Vue function.

var vam= new Vue({

// options here


Q.  Define components of Vue.JS..??  and write down the method of resistor a components inside other components..???

Answer:  Components are more powerful feature and that help to increase basic elements of HTML and functionality of encapsulation in application..

                Export default {

                El: ‘ #your element’

                                Components: {

                                ‘ your component’



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Q.  Write down the directories the Vue.JS..????

  • v-else
  • v-if
  • v-model
  • v-on
  • v-show

Q. What is the method to call rest API’s from Vue.JS..???

Answer: there are different HTTP libraries to call API’s but most useable and popular API’s is axios.

First of all run this command in your project

npm install axios –save

Implement GET method using Axios API’s

        axios({ method: “GET”, “URL”: “” })

        .then(result => {

                    this.ip =;


         error => {



Q.  Method to install Vue.JS in your application..???


For installing  VUE.JS application there are easy four steps..

  • First of all use CDN by including <script> tag in HTML file.
  • install Vue.js by using Node Package Manager (NPM).
  • install Vue.js using Bower.
  • In the last use Vue-cli to setup your project.

Q.  Write down some website which are using Vue.JS..???


  • Gitlab
  • Facebook
  • Netflix
  • Codeship
  • Grammarly
  • Xiaomi
  • Alibaba
  • Euronews

Q. Detection and mutation method of array in Vue.JS..??

Answer:  To modify the original array these method Detection and mutation are used.

  • Shift()
  • Unshift()
  • Splice()
  • Push()
  • Pop()
  • Reverse()
  • Sort()

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