VU Visual Programming CS 411- Solved Papers

We will provide Vu with midterm papers of Visual Programming to prepare for virtual university exams. One of the most useful papers for students to practice and get more marks in final results.

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Q. Polymorphism works on the basis that a child class should have______feature/s of its parent class

  • Only one
  • No
  • Few
  • All

Q. Clean room design is also called__________

  • Clear Room Design
  • Wall Technique Design
  • Chinese Wall Technique
  • French Wall Technique
Wall Technique Design

Q. Types not defined in any namespace are said to reside in the___________namespace.

  • Local
  • Static
  • Virtual
  • Global

Q. A compiled C# file is called..?

  • Complied File
  • Source File
  • Assembly File
  • EXE File
Assembly File

Q. Cool stands for______________.

  • Class Oriented Object Language
  • Consumer-Oriented Object Language
  • C-like Object Oriented Language
  • C++-like Object Oriented Language
C++- like Object Oriented Language

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Q. The Main method returns a non-zero value which indicates the_____________.

  • Source of Program
  • Error in Program
  • Termination of Program
  •  Exception in Program
Error in Program

Q. Wait for a single event is ____________operation.

  • Waiting
  • Waste
  • Idle
  • Blocking

Q. Which of the following is built from request-response?

  • Event-processing Architecture (EDA)
  • Service-driven Architecture (SDA)
  •  Service-oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Event-bas Architecture (EBA)

Q. All the members of interfaces are implicitly__________.

  • Private
  • Static
  • Public
  • Abstract

Q. Derived Event is:

  • Introduced into an event processing system by an event consumer.
  • Generated as a result of event that takes place inside an event processing system
  • Introduced into an event processing system by an event producer.
  • A set of associated events.
Generated as a result of event that takes place inside an event processing system

Q. _____________ is an entity that receives events from the system.

  • Event Producer
  • Event Consumer
  • Event Channel
  • Event Generator
Event Consumer

Q. During the program execution, program can be stopped with the help of ____________.

  • Attributes
  • Compiler
  • Exception Handling
  • Breakpoints

Q. Clean room design is useful as a defense against _____________.

  • Copyright
  • Trade secret infringement
  • Copyright and trade secret infringement
  • None of the given options
Copyright and Trade secret infringment

Q. ___________ method reads the whole document in memory.

  • XmlDocument
  • XmlLine
  • XPath
  • XmlReader

Q. If we run the program from within Visual Studio, the console window disappears quickly so we can use________________ to keep screen from going away.

  • Console.ReadLine()
  • Console.WriteLine()
  • Console.Title
  • Console.Clear

Q. At the time an event is fired, the _____________ methods will be invoked.

  • Registered
  • Public
  • Static
  • Unregistered

Q. Which of the following does NOT include in event processing operations?

  • Deleting Events
  • Reading Events
  • Terminating Events
  • Transforming Events
Terminating Events

Q. C# is a _________ and .NET is a _________.

  • Platform, Language
  • Package, Language
  • Language, Package
  • Language platform
Language Plateform

Q. g++ is a command of ____________.

  • Dev C++
  • Unix-based system
  • Windows-based system
  • None of the given options
Unix-Based System

Q. Which of the following events may or may not relate to an actual occurrence?

  • Probabilistic Events
  • Actual Events
  • Real Events
  • Expected Events
Probilistic Events

Q. A method performs an action in a series of statements, called a ______________.

  • Code Block
  • Method Block
  • Routine Block
  • Statement Block
Statement Block

Q. The System.Console is a ___________ which enables us to do Console Input and Output.

  • Structure
  • Class
  • Namespace
  • Library

Q. In event-driven architecture (EDA), _______________ sends event to _________________.

  • Event Consumer, Event Producer
  • Event Producer, Event Consumer
  • Event Handler, Event Producer
  • Event Generator, Event Producer
Event Producer, Event Consumer

Q. Extension methods __________ access the private data members of the class in which they are extended

  • May
  • Cannot
  • May not
  • Can

Q. XAML specification defines rules that map “.NET” namespaces, types, properties, and events into _________.
I) XML namespaces II) XML elements III) XML Attributes

(I) Only
(II) Only
3rd. (I), (II) and (III) only
(III) Only


Q. Suppose we want to restrict the user to don’t decrease the height of a WPF element from a specific amount then
which property will be used?

  • MinHeight
  • None
  • HeightMinimum
  • MinimumHeight

Q. WPF4 was released in

  • 2012
  • 2010
  • 2005
  • 2003

Q. When the data is passed from one place to another in chunks, this data is called ____________.

  • Bits
  • Line
  • Byte
  • Stream

Q. Which of the following is/are not derived from “Control” class?

  • ListBox
  • StatusBar
  • None of the given
None of given

Q. Dependency properties are represented by _______________ .

  • System.Windows.DependencyProperty
  • System.Windows.Dependency.Property
  • System.Windows.Dependency
  • System.Windows.Property.Dependency

Q. ____________ is a base class similar to UIElement but for document-related pieces of content that don’t have
rendering behavior on their own.

  • ContentElement
  • VisualElement
  • SystemElement
  • XAMLElement
Content Element

Q. Mapping to the WPF namespaces is ______________ in-side the WPF assemblies.

  • Specified at compile time
  • Hard-coded
  • None of the given
  • Dynamically specified
Hard Copies

Q. The ___________ method is used to read the whole file at once.

  • ReadAllText(“test.txt”);
  • ReadAll();
  • Read(“test.txt”);
  • ReadLine();

Q. Additional XML namespaces (on the root or on children) must be ______ to be used on any identifiers from
that namespace.

  • Given a common prefix
  • Qualified with “Pre” keyword
  • Given a distinct prefix
  • Qualified with “Ext” keyword
Given a Distinct Prefix

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