Top 20+ React JS Mcqs Interview Questions and Answers 2021

React Js Mcqs set 1

React Js MCQs Check your Basic Knowledge about React Js. After this further MCQs visit our site regularly that helps you in interviews. At Least we will cover all those topics that recently asked in interviews.

  1. Everything in React is

a. Component

b. Class

c. Module



2. What is Babel?

a. Translator

b. Interpreter

c. Compiler

d.Both a and c

Both a and c

3. What is React JS.?

a.Server side framework

b.User interface framework

c.Library for building interaction interfaces

d. None

Library for building interaction interfaces

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4. Props are——– into other components.?



c.Both a & b

d.All of above


5. What are two ways that data gets handled in React.?

a.State and Props

b.Service and components


d.All of above

State andProps


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