Node JS Interview Questions

Node JS Interview Questions

  • What is Node JS..??

Node JS is one of the most popular language server technology today.  Node JS is open source free server technology. The advantage of Node is to develop a complete website by using one programming language JavaScript.

  • Who is author of Node JS..??

The author of Node JS is Ryan Dahl American software developer born in California US in 1981. He is also the author of Deno JS and TypeScript runtime.

  •  What is the command to check the installed version of Node JS..???
  • Node  –v
  • Node v
  • Node –v
  • None

  • Node –v

  • What is NPM..???

NPM stands for Node Package Manager and its default package manager for JavaScript Programming language.  Normally NPM is used to update and install a module of JS..

  • What are events..??

Events are actions built by developers or applications that are handled by the event handlers. programmer write a code to the event handler that will be executed when any event is fired. In Node JS there are 2 types are event handlers..

  • Custom Event  ->  also called user defined event
  • System Event ->  that come from the C ++ side..


  • Node JS is written in which language..??
  • C C++
  • C  C++ JS
  • C  C++ JS Node
  • None

  • C C++ JS

  • What is JavaScript engine..??

JavaScript Engine is a Software/Program to converts the entire code written in JS to another format that computer processors understand easily.

  • Which type of application can be develop by using Express.JS ..??

By coding Express.JS developers can develop single-page applications, multiple-page applications, hybrid application web technologies.

  • What are stream ..?? and write the list of streams in Node JS..???

Streams are in Node JS allow to read data and write data to source and destination. Streams are special types of objects to perform a specific task. There are four types are streams written below..

  • Duplex -> It perform both read and write operations.
  • Readable -> For reading operation.
  • Writable -> for writing operation.
  • Transform -> duplex stream where the output is computed based on the input.
  • How to create simple server in Node JS that return Programming is Fun..???

To create simple server to return above statement code is below..

var http =require(‘http’);



res.end(‘Programming is Fun’);


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