Networking(OSI Model) Application Layer Mcqs

Networking Mcqs / OSI Model

Application Layer For all test Prepare Mcqs set 2

1. This is not a application layer protocol


 b) SMTP

c) FTP

 d) TCP

2. This is one of the architecture paradigm

 a) Peer to peer

b) Client-server

 c) HTTP

 d) Both a and b

3. Application layer offers _______ service

 a) End to end

 b) Process to process

c) Both of the mentioned

d) None of the mentioned

4. Pick the odd one out

 a) File transfer

 b) File download

 c) E-mail

d) Interactive games

5. To deliver a message to the correct application program running on a host, the _______ address must be consulted

 a) IP

 b) MAC

 c) Port

d) None of the mentioned

6. Transport services available to applications in one or another form

a) Reliable data transfer

 b) Timing

c) Security

 d) All of the mentioned

7. This is a time-sensitive service

 a) File transfer

 b) File download

 c) E-mail

 d) Internet telephony

8. Which of the following is an application layer service ?

 a) Network virtual terminal

 b) File transfer, access, and management

 c) Mail service

d) All of the mentioned

9. E-mail is

 a) Loss-tolerant application

 b) Bandwidth-sensitive application

 c) Elastic application

d) None of the mentioned

10. The packet of information at the application layer is called

a) Packet

 b) Message

 c) Segment

 d) Frame




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