Networking Mcqs(Packet Swtiching)

Packet Switching & Circuit Switching


1–Most packet switches use this principle

a)-Stop and wait

 b) Store and forward

c) Both of the mentioned

d) None of the mentioned

2. Method(s) to move data through a network of links and switches

 a) Packet switching

b) Circuit switching

c) Line switching

 d) Both a and b

3. As the resouces are reserved between two communicating end systems in circuit switching, this is achieved

 a) authentication

b) guaranteed constant rate

c) reliability

d) store and forward

4. Which of the following is an application layer service ?

a) Network virtual terminal

 b) File transfer, access, and management

 c) Mail service

d) All of the mentioned

5. In _________ resources are allocated on demand.

 a) packet switching

 b) circuit switching

 c) line switching

d) frequency switching

6. The resources needed for communication between end systems are reserved for the duration of session between end systems in

a) Packet switching

b) Circuit switching

 c) Line switching

 d) Frequency switching

7. A local telephone network is an example of a _______ network

a) Packet switched

 b) Circuit switched

 c) Both of the mentioned

d) None of the mentioned




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