Networking Mcqs (HTTP & FTP)

Networking Mcqs


1. HTTP is  protocol.

a) application layer

 b) transport layer

c) network layer

 d) none of the mentioned

2. HTTP client requests by establishing a __________ connection to a particular port on the server.

 a) user datagram protocol

 b) transmission control protocol

 c) broader gateway protocol

 d) none of the mentioned

3. FTP server listens for connection on port number

 a) 20

 b) 21

 c) 22

 d) 23

4. In which mode FTP, the client initiates both the control and data connections.

 a) active mode

 b) passive mode

 c) both (a) and (b)

 d) none of the mentioned

5. In file transfer protocol, data transfer can be done in

a) stream mode

b) block mode

c) compressed mode

 d) all of the mentioned

6. The file transfer protocol is built on

 a) data centric architecture

 b) service oriented architecture

c) client server architecture

d) none of the mentioned

7. In FTP protocol, client contacts server using ____ as the transport protocol.

 a) transmission control protocol

b) user datagram protocol

 c) datagram congestion control protocol

 d) stream control transmission protocol

8. In the network HTTP resources are located by

a) uniform resource identifier

 b) unique resource locator

 c) unique resource identifier

 d) none of the mentioned

9. Multiple object can be sent over a TCP connection between client and server in

 a) persistent HTTP

 b) nonpersistent HTTP

c) both (a) and (b)

 d) none of the mentioned

10. FTP is built on _____ architecture

 a) Client-server

b) P2P

 c) Both of the mentioned

d) None of the mentioned

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