Most important Kubernetes interviews Questions and Answers

Most important Kubernetes interviews Questions
Most important Kubernetes interviews Questions

Kubernetes Questions and answers

Q1. Define Kubernetes Pods..??
Answer: Pods are containers that are set up on the same host. All applications that remain in Pods have access to shared volumes.

Q2. Write some benefits of Kubernetes..??
Answer: There are many benefits of Kubernetes, main benefits are

  • Its open-source modular tools and run any OS.
  • It increases the productivity of the developer
  • Market leader
  • Multi-Cloud capability
  • It has a big community among container tools.
  • It provides easy works with pods.

Q3. Write down the process which runs on Kubernetes Master Node..?
Answer: Kube-API server process is known as the process that runs on Kubernetes Master Node.
It also runs the Scheduler, Controller Manager, API Server and etcd components.

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Q4. Define important features of Kubernetes..??Answer: some of the important features are;

  • It corrects errors automatically.
  • It schedules operations automatically.
  • PodDisruptionBudget (PDB)
  • Custom Scheduling
  • Cluster Federation
  • Feature Gates

Q5. What is the term Minikube in Kubernetes..?
Answer: It’s an open-source tool that enables you to run Kubernetes on your laptop and computers. Minikube takes the vast cloud-scale of Kubernetes and shrinks it down so that it fits on even your laptop.

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