Most Important Idioms mcqs- Learn to More

Most important and repeated in PPSC ,FIA, FPSC PTS Idioms Mcqs. To Prepare for any test and interviews to explore this site and learn to more and learn to practice. We will upload as will as soon more important idioms mcqs.

Q1. Be kidding..??
Ans.’ To joke or tease someone in a playful way’

Q2. Give someone in hand means..??
Ans. “help someone”

Q3. All of sudden means..??

Q4. In the nick of time means..??
Ans.’not too late, but very close’

Q5. Change one’s mind means..??
Ans.’decide to do something different from what had been decided earlier’

Q6. A piece of cake means..??
Ans.’very easy’

Q7. In age means..??
Ans.’for a very long time’

Q8. Sleep on it means..??
Ans.’think about something before making a decision’

Q9. Cost an arm and a leg means..??
Ans.’very expensive’

Q10. To have a change of heart means..??
Ans.’change a previous decision’

Q11. have mixed feeling about something means..??
Ans.’to be uncertain’

Q12. To cram means..??
Ans.’to study hard a few days before a test’

Q13. Take it easy means..??

Q14. give someone a hand means..??

Q15. Be sick and tired of means..??
Ans.’I hate’

Q16. fill in for someone..??
Ans.’do their work while they are away’

Q17. sharp means..??
Ans.’exactly at a that time’

Q18. a cinch means..??
Ans.’something that is very easy to do’

Q19. Next to nothing means..??
Ans.’to cost very little’

Q20. Hard headed means..??

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