Most Valuable Laravel Interview Questions and Answers

Laravel Interview Questions and Answers

Q. What is Laravel..??

Answer: Laravel is an open-source Php framework that uses to create web applications for MVC(Model View Controller).

Q. Advantages of Laravel as compared to other Php frameworks such as WordPress etc..???


  • Laravel has ability to support  multiple File system
  • Setups and installing customization process is easy as compare to others.
  • Built in command line tools ‘ Artisan’  Database structure and built their migrations
  • Built in Authentication System

Q. Define Artisan..??? Write down some Artisan Commands…???


  • php artisan list
  • php artisan help
  • php artisan make
  • php artisan make controller controller_name
  • php artisan tinker
  • php artisan –version
  • php artisan make model model_name

Q. Laravel framework provides default Packages. List out down.???


Here are some official and default Packages..

  • Telescope
  • Envoy
  • Passport
  • Socialite
  • Horizon
  • Scout
  • Cashier

Q.ORM stand for in Laravel..?

  • Object relational Migration
  • Object Relational Mapping
  • Object Rebuilt Migration
  • None of Above

Object Relational Mapping

Q. What is Lumen..???

Answer: Lumen is known as micro_framwork, smaller and faster. Lumen is used to building laravel based services and REST API’s.


Q. What is a method to enable Query log in Laravel..???


First of all use the enableQueryLog method to perform this action



You can get array of the executed queries by using getQueryLog method:

$queries = DB::getQueryLog();

Q. What is the method of turning off CRSF protection for a specific route ..???


To perform this action add these codes in..


// First of all add an array 
private $exceptUrls = ['controller/route1', 'controller/route2'];
 //modify this function to next code perform
public function handle($request, Closure $next) {
 // Now add this condition 
foreach($this->exceptUrls as $route) {
 if ($request->is($route)) {
  return $next($request);
return parent::handle($request, $next);

Q. Define Laravel API rate limit?


The rate limit is a feature of laravel. Its best for security issues in applications. It helps Laravel developers to create a secure application and prevent DOS (Denial-of-Service)attacks.

Q. What are the features of Laravel 8..???


  • app/Models Directory
  • New Landing Page
  • Attributes on Extended Blade Components.
  • Job Batching
  • Route Caching
  • Queueable Anonymous Event Listeners
  • Better Syntax for Event Listening
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Laravel Jetstream
  • Controllers Routing Namespacing

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