Most Important JavaScript Arrays and Functions Question and Answers Mcq

 JavaScript Arrays & Functions Questions and Answers Mcqs

In this Article we are trying to provide most important JavaScript Questions and Answers  mcqs, (set 5) which mostly used for interviews  and to developing the software. For further we will upload article as well as soon.

JavaScript is most powerful and Latest technology support to Linux, Unix ,windows etc. we hope this article would be very helpful .

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Q1. The function definition in JavaScript begins with.??

  • Identifier and Return type
  • Return type and Identifier
  • Identifier and Parantheses
  • None

Q2. When does the functions name optional in JavaScript..??

  • When the function is predefined    
  • When the function is defined as expressions    
  • When the function is defined as a looping statement
  • All of the mentioned

Q3. What will happen if a return statement does not have an associated expression..??

  • It will throw an exception
  • It returns the undefined value
  • It returns the value 0
  • None of the mentioned

Q4.  A function with no return value is called ..???

  • Static function
  • Method
  • Procedures
  • None

Q5.  Which is an equivalent  code to invoke a function m of class o that expect 2 arguments a and b..??

  • o.m(a) && o.m(b);
  • o(a,b);
  • o.m(a,b);  
  • none

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