Important Perl Online test interview Question and Answers in 2021

Perl Mcqs Online test Questions and Answers

In this Article we are trying to provide most important   Perl Mcqs which mostly used for online interviews  and to developing the software. For further we will upload article as well as soon.

we hope this article would be very helpful.

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Q. What is Perl…??

  • Database
  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Programming Language
Programming language
  • Which of the following function is used by Perl for displaying the length of the string..??
  • Len
  • String
  • Length
  • None
  • Which function is used by Perl for reversing the string..??

  • Rev
  • Substr
  • Reverse
  • Split
  • When the “require” function load..???
  • Compile time
  • Run time
  • Both
  • None
  • The  Perl DBI is ……..????
  • Database inheritance
  • Database interface
  • Database integrity
  • None

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