Important Node Js mcqs Interview Questions and Answers for Exams

Node Js Interview Questions and Answers set 1

In this article we are providing Most important Node JS mcqs which are beneficial to all students to prepare for all exams. its very useful to prepare for interviews in IT departments. 

NODE JS Questions and Answers
  • What is Node JS ..??
  • Node Js is most Popular and Powerful sever technologies in the world. It help to develop Mobile APIs and web apps. It use One language to develop that’s name is JavaScript. Node JS is free and open source technologies . Its run different Platforms like as, Windows, Linux, and Unix etc.
  • In which Language Node Js is written..??
  • Node JS is written in C, C++, and JS. V8 JavaScript use to convert JS  Code to C++.

  • Who is the Author of Node Js.??
  • The Author of node JS is Ryan Dahl.  And has MIT licence.
  • What is NPM in NodeJS. Explain..???
  • In Node JS NPM is Node Package Manager. Its default package manager in JavaScript. Its used to installing / Updating Modules and packages Of JavaScript.
  • What are common Js Modules..??
  • Common JS module is standard . It specifies an ecosystem of JavaScript out side on the server or for native desktop Applications .

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