Networking Mcqs (FTP)

 FTP(File Transfer Protocol)

Networking Mcqs set 9

1. FTP uses _________ parallel TCP connections to transfer a file

a) 1

 b) 2

 c) 3

 d) 4

2. If 5 files are transfered from server A to client B in the same session. The number of TCP connection between A and B is

 a) 5

 b) 10

 c) 2

 d) 6

3. The commands, from client to server, and replies, from server to client, are sent across the control connection in — bit ASCII format

 a) 8

 b) 7

 c) 3

 d) 5

4. Mode of data transfer in FTP, where all the is left to TCP

 a) Stream mode

 b) Block mode

 c) Compressed mode

d) None of the mentioned

5. The password is sent to the server using ________ command


 b) PASS


d) None of the mentioned

6. Find the FTP reply whose message is wrongly matched

a) 331 – Username OK, password required

 b) 425 – Can‘t open data connection

c) 452 – Error writing file

d) 452 – Can‘t open data connection

7. FTP server

a) Mantains state

b) Is stateless

c) Has single TCP connection for a file transfer

d) None of the mentioned

8. Identify the incorrect statement

 a) FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol

b) FTP uses two parallel TCP connections

c) FTP sends its control information in-band

d) FTP sends exactly one file over the data connection

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