Most Important GK Famous Personality Mcqs

  1. Name the English poet of the 18th century whose works included Rape of the Lock, Dunciad, and Essay on Man.
    (a)      Edward Gibbon
    (b)      Alexander Pope 
    (c)       John Keats
    (d)      Johannes Keplar
  2. Who was the first Secretary-General of OIC?
    (a)      Abdul Rahman Tunku
    (b)      Anwar Saddat
    (c)       Nasser of Egypt
    (d)      None of these
  3. During World War II who was the President of USA?
    (a)      Franklin Roosevelt
    (b)      Theodore Roosevelt
    (c)       Henery Trueman
    (d)      George Washington
  4. Maulana Jalal-ud-Din Rumi was born in
    (a)      Konya (Turkey)
    (b)      Ispahan (Iran)
    (c)       Balkh (Afghanistan)
    (d)      None of them
  5. Abu-Al-Hassan Al-Mawardi was a great jurist, and an expert in political science born in
    (a)      Damascus                     (b)   Bassrah
    (c)       Baghdad                       (d)   None of them
  6. Empress Catherine II, known as Catherine the Great was herself a/an
    (a)      German by birth
    (b)      American by Birth
    (c)       French by birth
    (d)      British by birth
  7. Mrs. Gloria Macapagal Arroya assumed the office of president of the Philippine in
    (a)      2001           (b)   2002
    (c)       2000                               (d)   1999
  8. Dmity Ivanovich Medeleyer (Russian) published his first version of the periodic table of elements in
    (a)      1865                               (b)   1869
    (c)       1873                               (d)   1879
  9. Name the scientist who discovered that the germs of malaria were spread by mosquitoes
    (a)      Rober Koch
    (b)      Jeans Jacques Rousseau
    (c)       Peter Muller
    (d)      Frank Whittle
  10. Dr. Ahmad Sukarno was the President of:
    (a)      Malaysia                        (b)   Indonesia
    (c)       Maldives                        (d)   None of them

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