Most Important ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Mcqs 50+ (Solved set 1)


  1. A dielectric material must be
    (a) resistor
    (b) insulator
    (c) good conductor
    (d) semi conductor
  • An electrolytic capacitor can be used for
    (a) D.C. only
    (b) AC. only
    (c) both D.C. as well as A.C.
  • The capacitance of a capacitor is not affected by
    (a) distance between plates
    (6) area of plates
    (c) thickness of plates
    (d) all of the above
  • Which of the following is not a vector ?
    (a) Linear momentum
    (b) Angular momentum
    (c) Electric field
    (d) Electric potential
  • If A.C. voltage is applied to capacitive circuit, the alternating current can flow in the circuit
    (a) varying voltage produces the charging and dicharging currents
    (b) of high peak value
    (c) charging current can flow
    (d) discharge current can flow
  • Voltage applied across a ceramic dielectric produces an electrolytic field 100 times greater
    than air. What will be the value of dielectric constant ?
    (a) 50 (b) 100
    (c) 150 (d) 200
  • The dissipation factor of a good dielectric is of the order of
    (a) 0.0002
    (b) 0.002
    (c) 0.02
    (d) 0.2
  • The total electric flux through any closed surface surrounding charges is equal to the
    amount oflcharge enclosed”.The above statement is associated with
    (a) Coulomb’s square law
    (b) Gauss’s law
    (c) Maxwell’s first law
    (d) Maxwell’s second law
  • Three capacitors each of the capacity C are given. The resultant capacity 2/3 C can be
    obtained by using them
    (a) all in series
    (b) all in parallel
    (c) two in parallel and third in series with this combination
    (d) two in series and third in parallel across this combination
  1. For which of the following parameter variation, the capacitance of the capacitor remains
    unaffected ?
    (a) Distance between plates
    (b) Area of the plates
    (c) Nature of dielectric
    (d) Thickness of the plates

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