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The compiler is working as a Translator. Compiler Converts source code into object code. The compiler is the System program and called a language translator. Developing a Compiler is more complex as compared to develop an interpreter.

Compiler Constructions Mcqs set 1

In this article we are including all Important Questions and answers about Compiler constructions for Practice and interviews. we will more upload as well as soon . soo kindly explore site to increase your knowledge and practice to learn.

1.Which of the following statement is true about Two-pass compiler.

Front End depends upon Back End

Back End depends upon Front End

Both are independent of each other


Back End depends upon Front End

2. In a three-pass compiler, ___ is used for code improvement or optimization.

Front End

Middle End

Back End

Both Front End and Back End

Middle End

3. In multi-pass compiler during the first pass, it gathers information about ___



Static information



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4. Which of the statement is true about Regular Languages?

Regular Languages are the most popular for specifying tokens.

Regular Languages are based on simple and useful theory.

Regular Languages are easy to understand

All of the given

All of Given

 5.The DFA uses its state to keep track of ___ the NFA can be in after reading each input symbol.

Accept state

Reject state

Next state

All possible states

All Possible state

6. In ___ certain check are performed to ensure that components of a program fit together meaningfully.

Linear analysis

Hierarchical analysis

Semantic analysis


Semantic Analysis

7.Compilers are some times classifies as:



Load and go

All of the given

All of given

8. In compiler, linear analysis is also called

Lexical analysis


Both lexical analysis and scanning


Both Lexical analysis and scanning

9. In a transition table cells of the table contain the ___ state.

Reject state

Next state

Previous state


Next State

10. In Back End module of the compiler, optimal register allocation uses ___.

O(log n)

O(n log n)





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