Bhai Lang Programming Language Created by Two Indians

Bhai Lang is a programming language created by two Indians Developers “Rishabh Tripathi” from Groww and “Anket Sigh” From Amazon.

“Bhai-lang” on its official website internet users can play around with. The Latest programming language is taking the internet by storm. “Bhai-lang” is a toy programming language. “Bhai” is commonly a Hindi word that’s known as a brother.

Bhailang – A toy programming language based on an inside joke. its official website is



hi bhai is the entry point for the program & all programs must end with bye bhai. Anything outside of it will be ignored.

Bhai Lang Variables

Variables can be declared using bhai ye hai.

Bhai Lang Types

Numbers and strings are like other languages. Null values can be denoted using nallasahi and galat are the boolean values.

Bhai Lang Built-ins

Use bol bhai to print anything to console.

Bhai Lang Conditionals

Bhailang supports if-else-if ladder construct, agar bhai the block will execute if the condition is sahi, otherwise, one of the subsequently added nahi to bhai blocks will execute if their respective condition is sahi, and the warna bhai the block will eventually execute if all of the above conditions are galat

Bhai Lang Loops

Statements inside jab tak bhai blocks are executed as long as a specified condition evaluates to sahi. If the condition becomes galat, statement within the loop stops executing, and control passes to the statement following the loop. Use bas kar bhai to break the loop and agla dekh bhai to continue within a loop.

Bhai Lang is a typescript language. It is similar to JavaScript-based and other programming languages like java C++ and other programming languages.

Like Java and other programming dialects, “Bhai-lang” too has a linguistic structure. In any case, each guidance in the language contains the word ‘bhai’.

The authority site of the language says the passage point of the code starts with “greetings bhai” and the linguistic structure closes with “bye bhai”. All the code composed inside these labels will be substantial while everything outside of it will be disregarded. What’s more, if a designer/coder commits an error, the brief says “Arre Bhai Bhai!!!”

Since the screen captures of the programming language began surfacing via virtual entertainment, clients are posting clever reactions.

“The taboo ‘Brocode’,” said a client on Instagram.

“Envision #bhailang as a Styling language… “shading” property be like bhai mujhe rang de: #ffd700,” a client posted on Twitter.

The “Bhai-lang” works like some other PC programming language, similar to HTML, CSS, C++ and so forth The language likewise has its own GitHub page, where clients can see the source code and whole index of how to utilize assembled ins, conditionals, and circles.

Numbers and strings resemble different dialects, and “sahi” and “galat” are the boolean qualities.
The site of “Bhai-lang” additionally has a jungle gym where clients can evaluate codes utilizing the new dialect. In the event that the code runs effectively, the programming language gives “Shandar Bhai” message in a green tone as result.
The makers of the language said “Bhai-lang” is the consequence of an inside joke.

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