AWS - Cloud Compute Service (IAM)

AWS – Cloud Compute Service (IAM)

Amazon Web Services offers reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services. Here are some concepts and MCQs for practice to prepare for the AWS exam.

Q . What is the proper definition of IAM Roles..???

  • An IAM entity that defines a set of percussions for making AWS services request, that will be used by AWS services
  • IAM users in multiple groups
  • A password Policy
  • Permissions assigned to Users to perform actions

Q.  Which RDS classic (not AROURA) features do not require us to change our SQL connection string..??

  • Read Replicas
  • Multi-AZ

Q.  The company would to have a MySql database that is going to be available even in case of a disaster in the AWS Cloud. I should set up..??

  • Read Replicas
  • Multi-AZ
  • Encryption

Q.  You have purchased “” on the AWS registrar and would like for it is pointed to “ lb1-1234,us-east-2.elb Amazon What sort of route 53 record is NOT POSSIBLE to set up for this.??

  • NAME
  • Alias

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Amazon Web Services(EC2)

Q.  A company would like to deploy a high-performance computing (HPC) application on EC2.  Which EC2 instance type should it choose.??

  • Compute Optimized
  • Storage Optimized
  • Memory Optimized
  • General Purpose

Q.  Which EC2 Purchasing option can provide the biggest discount, but it is not suitable for critical jobs or databases. ??

  • Schedule instance
  • Convertible instance
  • Dedicated host
  • Spot instance

Q.  What should you do to increase your root account security..??

  • Enable multifactor authentication(MFA)
  • Remove permission from the root account
  • Use AWS only through the Command Line Interface(CLI)
  • None of above

Q.  Which of the following is an IAM best practice..??

  • Don’t use the root user Account
  • Create several users for a physician’s person
  • Share credentials so a colleague can perform a task for you
  • Do not enable MFA for an easier process

Q. Which EC2 purchasing Option should you use for an application you plan on running on a server continuously for 1 year.??

  • Reserved instance
  • Spot instance
  • On-demand instance
  • Convertible instance

Q. Which answer is INCORRECT regarding IAM users.??

  • IAM users can belong to multiple groups
  • IAM users don’t have to belong to a group
  • IAM users can have policies assigned to them
  • IAM user access AWS with the root account credentials 

Q.  You would like to have the same data access as an NFS drive across AZ on all your EC2 instances. ?  what do you recommend..??

  • Mount EFS
  • Mount an EBS
  • Mount an Instance Store

Q.  How long can you reserve an EC2 Reserved instance..??

  • 1 or 3 years
  • 2 or 4 years
  • 6 month or 1 year
  • Anytime between 1 and 3 years

Q. Which principle should you apply regarding IAM permissions.??

  • Grant most privilege
  • Grant least  privilege
  • Grant permissions if your employee asks you too
  • Restrict root account permission

Q.  What are IAM policies..??

  • AWS services Performable actions
  • JSON documents to define users , groups  or Roles ‘ Permissions
  • Rules to setup a password for IAM users

Q.  You have designed a high-performance application that will require millions of connections to be handled, as well as low latency. The best load balancer for this is ??

  • Application load balancer
  • Classic load balancer
  • Network load balancer

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