Amazon Web Services(EC2)

Q: 1        You’ve created a fleet of EC2 & on-premise instances and you are trying to run your first Code Deploy. It does not work, why?

  • You’ve probably forgotten to install and Code Deploy agent
  • Code Deploy does not work with on-premise instances
  • You’ve forgotten to open ports on the Code Deploy service security group

Q: 2        Your Code build has failed. What isn’t a solution to troubleshooting what happened?

  • Look through logs in AWS cloud Watch
  • Look through logs in AWS S3
  • SSH into the code build container to debug from there
  • Run Code build locally to reproduce the build

Q: 3        Where should the buildspec.yml file be placed in your code build-to-work property?

  • In the code build/directory
  • In the code commit/ directory
  • At the root of your code

Q: 4        Which AWS Service allows you to track and audit API calls made to and from the code pipeline?

  • AWS Code Build
  • AWS cloud trail
  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk

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Q: 5        Your manager wants to receive emails when your code pipeline fails in order to take action. How do you do it?

  • Setup an AWS Cloud watch event rule
  • Set up an SNS notification
  • Setup an SES email

Q: 6        Your code pipeline hasn’t deployed code to Elastic beanstalk even though you’ve pushed code to your code commit repository. It used to work 10 minutes ago. What reason is the most likely to explain that solution?

  1. IAM permissions are wrong
  2. The code pipeline is waiting for manual approval
  3. Your code build stage probably failed some tests

Q: 7        Code commit doesn’t support authenticating?

  • IAM credentials helper with AWS CLI and git
  • SSH keys in user profiles
  • HTTPS credentials in user profiles
  • HTTPS public access

Q: 8        You want to send email alerts anytime pull requests are open or commits are added to commits in code commits. You should use

  • AWS cloud watch events

Q: 9        Which AWS service helps you run automated tests in your CICD?

  • Code build
  • Code Pipeline
  • Code Deploy
  • Code commit

Q: 10      CICD stand for

  • Continuous intervention and continuous delivery
  • Continuous integration and continuous delivery
  • Continuous integration and continuous development

Q: 11      Which task cluster placement is the MOST cost-efficient?

  • Bin pack
  • Spread
  • Random

Q: 13      You are looking to run microservice with Docker contains. Which service can help you manage these containers?

  • ECR
  • ECS
  • Beanstalk
  • EC2

Q: 14        You would like to have a one-stop dashboard for all the CICD needs of one of your projects? You don’t have to need heavy control of the individual configuration of exact contact in your CICD, but need to be able to get a holistic view of your project. Which service do you recommend?

  • Code build
  • Code Pipeline
  • Code Deploy
  • Code star

Q: 15     You would like to run 4 services on your ECS cluster. Which need access to various services. What is the best practice?

  • Create an EC2 instance role with 4 policies and attach to the EC2 instances in the ECS cluster
  • Create EC4 instances role and attach them to the EC2 instances in the ECS cluster
  • Create 1 ECS task role with 4 policies and attach to each ECS definition
  • Create 4 ECS task roles and attach them to the relevant ECS task definition

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