Angular JS Interview Questions and Answers

Angular JS Questions and Answers

Q. What is the Angular JS..??

Answer: Angular JS is the JavaScript framework that use to develop more robust and rich web applications. For creating single page application, Angular is one the best Framework. Angular deals are binding with JavaScript and HTML elements’.

Q. Explain ng-init and used for which purpose.??

Answer:  When a developer wants to perform some action before the initializing of the portion in DOM. This Directory is used in the scenario.

Syntax is :

<element ng-init=”expression” ></element>

Q. What are the three main directives in Angular JS..??

  • Ng-app
  • Ng-model
  • Ng-bind
  • All of above
All of Above

Q.  What are the tools that are used to test angular JS applications..??

Answer:  To testing the Angular JS web application there are specific tools given below

  • Karma
  • Jasmine
  • Angular-mocks

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Q.  What are the basic steps to  run and set Angular JS Application…????


  • Create an angular.module
  • Assign a controller to the module
  • Link your module to HTML with ng-app
  • Link the controller to HTML with ng-controller directive

Q. Define $Scope and Scope in Angular JS ..???


$Scope: Built-in Objects that consists of application data and method and  used D.I (Dependency Injection)

Scope: its works to bind parts HTML view & JavaScript controller. Scope use for directive linking in the application.

Q. What is the syntax for sending HTTP requests..??



                                Method: “ POST”,

                                url: “URL”,

                                data: JSON.stringify(value),

                                type: ‘POST’,

                                contentType: ‘ application/json; charset=utf-8’}).then (function(responce))


                                                // Action success


Q. Define service and their use in Angular JS..??


In the Angular JS services are objects or functions are used to communicate the whole web application. And used to perform a specific task in-app. Service is used to share data in the entire application.

Q. What is the digest cycle in Angular JS..???

Answer: The digest cycle is the process in Angular application behind data binding.

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