Advance AWS MCQs

Advance AWS MCQs

Q.  Can the EC2 instance retrieve the IAM role Policy JSON documents that attach to them using the CLI without any role attached?

  • Yes
  • No

Q. You are looking to run microservices with Docker containers which service can help you manage these containers?

  • ECR
  • ECS
  • Beanstalk
  • EC2

Q. What is the priority in the CLI credentials chain?

  • Environment’s variables–> command Line Options- -> EC2 instance Profile
  • command Line Options- -> EC2 instance Profile-> Environment’s variables
  • Environment’s variables-> command Line Options- -> EC2 instance Profile

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Q. I want to test whether my EC2 machine is able to perform the termination of an EC2 instance. There is an IAM role attached to my instance I should.?

  • Use the IAM policy Simulator OR the dry-run CLI option
  • Use is IAM policy Simulator OR metadata services
  • metadata services OR IAM policy Simulator

Q. You should like to provide internet access to your instance in private subnets with IP4 while making sure this solution requires the least amount of administration and scales seamlessly. what should you use..??

  • NAT instance with source / Destination check flag off
  • NAT Gateway

Q. Your EC2 instance in a private subnet must access the AWS APIs privately. You must keep all traffic within the AWS network. What do you recommend.??

  • NAT gateway in public subnet + Internet Gateway
  • VPC Endpoint
  • Direct Connect

Q. I tried creating an S3 bucket named “dev” but it did not work. This is a new AWS account and I have no buckets at all.. what is the cause.??

  • I am missing IAM permission’s to create a bucket
  • Bucket names must be globally unique and “dev” is already taken.

Q. You have added files in your bucket and then enabled versioning. The file you have already added will have which version.??

  • 1
  • 0
  • -1
  • Null

Q. Your company wants data to be encrypted in S3 and maintain control of the rotation policy for the encryption keys. You recommend

  • SSE-S3
  • SSE-C
  • Client-side encryption

Q. The bucket policy allows our users to read and write files in the bucket. Yet we were not able to perform a PutObject API call. What is your assessment.??

  • The bucket policy is wrong
  • The IAM user has an explicit DENY in the attached IAM policy
  • You need to contact AWS Support to lift this limit
  • None of above

Q. The AWS CLI depends on which language..??

  • Java
  • Golang
  • Python
  • C#

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